AL.CA.FOND was set up when several individuals with long-standing expertise in the non ferrous metals industry decided to come together and establish a company to operate in the light-alloy refinery sector, particularly in the secondary aluminium sector.

The main stage of the production process is the melting down of materials such as scrap metal, recyclable metal and plant waste metal, which are then cast into ingots in compliance with the relevant EN AB standards and, in specific cases, also according to the customer’s needs. Having operated in a continuously evolving marketplace for several decades, we are now in a position to offer a top-quality product, fabricated at our modern automated workshop and treatment plant.

All our production processes are completed while keeping a keen eye on their potential environmental impact. Our co-operation with specialised agents, the use of proper equipment and our continuous adjustment to the criteria and parameters defined by the rules and regulations in force, place our company in a vanguard position on the environmental awareness front.